Case Study Examples – Trauma Insurance

It Pays – it Really Pays

Trauma/Cancer Cover Pays in Many Ways

Real case study examples that affected real clients through one of our trauma insurance providers:

. . . we continue to see an increase in the number of claims we receive for Trauma Cover. As you know Trauma Cover is a lump-sum payment for customers who experience a serious medical condition. And, like any lump-sum payment it’s up to the customer to decide what to spend the money on. We thought it would be interesting to see what some customers have used their claim payments for.*

Case Study 1 – Quality time

Case Study - Trauma InsuranceWe recently accepted three separate claims (Medical Cover, Income Cover and Trauma Cover) for a customer in her late forties who is seriously ill with cancer.  Because her adviser wanted the best possible outcome he was understandably concerned about the complexity of the claims and the added stress it might bring.

Thanks to the professionalism and superb service from all parties involved the claims process was seamless and the customer was very appreciative. The support from a professional and dedicated adviser and the backing from an experienced claims team meant a lot to this customer in her time of need.

How the Trauma Cover payment helped: After receiving her lump-sum Trauma Cover payment the customer was able to make plans for a relaxing family holiday overseas once she is well enough to travel. Having the option to take time away with loved ones for rest, relaxation and quality time can make a world of difference on the road to recovery.

Case Study 2 – Looking after loved ones

Case Study - Trauma CoverA man in his late thirties with a young family was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease and consequently was no longer able to work. He kindly shared his story with us…

“When I was told I had Parkinson’s it was a great shock. My main concern was around my family’s security and how they were going to survive financially. This was a very serious concern. The payment meant that one part of a very stressful situation was alleviated – it was hugely important.”

How the Trauma Cover payment helped: “The mortgage was the main thing – it’s a major outlay for any family and if you can pay it off or reduce it that’s a big thing but it was also used for getting help when we needed it. My illness has been just as hard on my wife as it has on me. We have three boys and the money means we can get respite when we need to. That’s super important; it’s as important as the mortgage. I tell people I’m such a lucky man – which they think is strange. But I say I am lucky for two reasons – I had insurance and I have a partner who is prepared to be along for the ride.”

Case Study 3 – Jumping the queue

Case Study - Trauma Insurance - Prostrate CancerA customer in his early sixties was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, a disease that one in ten men will develop in their lifetime.** Because he did not have medical insurance he could not afford to have private treatment and had to be placed on the public waiting list for the surgery that he needed.

How the Trauma Cover payment helped: Once we paid his Trauma Cover claim this customer immediately made an appointment for private medical treatment and was able to skip the public waiting list. The payment allowed him to take control of the situation and go and get the treatment he needed, when he needed it.

Case Study 4 – A pleasant surprise

Case Study - Trauma Insurance - Breast CancerA customer was shocked and delighted to see her bank account when we paid her Trauma Cover claim for breast cancer. A member of our Claims team shares her story…

“When I called the customer to confirm we had accepted the claim, I was pleasantly surprised to hear her sounding so upbeat.  This was a lady with a young family having to endure some pretty heavy chemo before she had a mastectomy.

I told the customer that we had accepted her Trauma Cover claim and explained the claim payment process.  I’m not so sure that she really believed that an insurance company would actually pay out her claim because she said to me “I’m not going to get excited until it’s in the bank!””

How the Trauma Cover payment helped: “After we had processed the payment I called the customer to confirm we had paid her claim.  When she answered the phone she was laughing.  She told me all on one breath and at the rate of knots ‘I’ve just checked my bank account and have paid off my credit card and called my husband to make him come home from spin class so I could show him’. Obviously this made me chuckle too.  It felt really good to be reminded of the importance of what we do. What a great way to start my day!”

Case Study 5 – Some certainty in a world turned upside-down

Case Study - Trauma InsuranceA teenager was involved in a serious car accident and as a result spent several days in ICU. Fortunately the parents had insured their children under their policy with the Optional Children’s Trauma Benefit. We were able to pay the maximum insured benefit to the family.

How the Trauma Cover payment helped: Providing this payment allowed the family to concentrate on their child’s recovery. Having additional funds in their bank account allowed for costs such as time away from work, relocation of the family to be closer to the hospital and private medical services.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons

**Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand